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We don’t know if we can be compared to any other club, company or any NGO on this planet earth. We are not selling or promoting any product or service so we are not surly a company aiming to make some people rich. We don’t intend people to expect making fortunes with us. Although we aim to do charity but our sole purpose is not to serve each and every individual on earth just for the sack of rewards here on this earth or hereafter. We just do it.
WFC is not a company or profitable organization.
This concept works philanthropically for only the members of WFC .
All WFC members can enjoy all service of WFC with heartv manner .
WFC the club where you get lots of friends to share your sorrows and happiness .
We would say we are just a group of friends like any other group who just want to steal some time from the busy lives for fellow club member and enjoy the best way we can. We enjoy more when we are together. Our aim if any is “entertainment and heavenly enjoyment for all WFC members from anywhere in the world”. Ask yourself one simple question before becoming a member of WFC. Do you need and deserve more enjoyment and entertainment in life? If yIf your answer is “yes”, WFC is the right place for you………
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